Representing multiple voices

Public elementary school in the States offers parents a wide-open opportunity to support and enhance their children’s education (where would they be without it?).  For me, this meant painting the art room, ripping up the tarmac to create a garden, printing football shirts, producing a “Trashion Show”, and bringing The Sustainable Living Roadshow to town.  […]

Making a space to think and contribute

Transport.  You might think about it relative to your own needs, but when did you last look at local travel options as a system that affects an entire community?  As part of a community-led initiative, we produced a successful drop-in consultation to gather ideas from members of the public on ways to make travel in […]

Telling it like it is

I enjoy making complicated things understandable.  Artist’s paint colours aren’t that hard to distinguish, granted, but I liked the idea that the tubes’ labels would show what was inside, in one graphic squeeze of colour.  So we created a line of acrylic paint for The Art Store that did just that… along with an entire […]

Upcycling for pop-up shops

Green Festival is America’s longest-running sustainability and green living event with 1,000,000+ visitors. Exhibiting there is exhilarating and inspiring, a great training ground for the pop-up shops I’ve done since.  It’s also challenging when it comes to displaying product, it’s got to be green, right?  For Plan-It Hardware, a company bringing greener choices in DIY […]

Looking back through the archives

This was a good one.  I don’t remember much about how the product worked – it cleaned swimming pools without the need for chlorine, but I do remember going to the Pool and Spa Show in Las Vegas… lots of bikinis.  My thinking was that the best way to show that the result was sparkly […]