Fishing in California

This beautiful illustration of a Golden Trout by Paul Waters is one of a series that depicts the native wild fish under threat in California.  They featured throughout 95 pages of science-made-understandable – California Trout’s report, SOS II: Fish in Hot Water.  The result got some attention: “The trends are very disturbing.  Not to diminish […]

Launching a new book

‘21 Stories of Transition: How a movement of communities is coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world’ (harvested by Rob Hopkins) launched at the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris.  It’s a joyous and inspiring celebration of what the Transition movement has become.  The design of the 100-page book (in both English and French) was […]

Upcycling for pop-up shops

Green Festival is America’s longest-running sustainability and green living event with 1,000,000+ visitors. Exhibiting there is exhilarating and inspiring, a great training ground for the pop-up shops I’ve done since.  It’s also challenging when it comes to displaying product, it’s got to be green, right?  For Plan-It Hardware, a company bringing greener choices in DIY […]

Looking back through the archives

This was a good one.  I don’t remember much about how the product worked – it cleaned swimming pools without the need for chlorine, but I do remember going to the Pool and Spa Show in Las Vegas… lots of bikinis.  My thinking was that the best way to show that the result was sparkly […]