Fishing in California

This beautiful illustration of a Golden Trout by Paul Waters is one of a series that depicts the native wild fish under threat in California.  They featured throughout 95 pages of science-made-understandable – California Trout’s report, SOS II: Fish in Hot Water.  The result got some attention: “The trends are very disturbing.  Not to diminish the alarming message, but the publication is beautiful. It is the perfect blend of science and art.  My view is that this sort of report/messaging is critical to enlist the support of non-scientists for salmonid conservation and as such, this is a home-run. It is not often you see this quality of design” – Rob Leidy, ecologist with San Francisco’s EPA.

Giving New Leaf new life

New Leaf Tree Surgery is a business offering all aspects of tree surgery across Oxfordshire run by a lovely bloke called Neil.  Neil knew what he was looking for – he had a new website and truck vinyls but his company’s identity was easily forgotten and didn’t hang together as a logo.  The solution for a new logo grew out of the typography, with leaves that represent New Leaf’s work across the seasons.  Sometimes things just work out in a very satisfying way and there’s nothing better than hearing “You nailed it!”

Making leather goods by hand

Tanner Bates sells leather bags, journals, belts and accessories – handmade onsite in the workshop.  John Hagger’s successful business expanded into tuition to the point where it became it’s own entity, Leather School.  The two sit happily side by side.  Leather School offers courses, classes and make-your-own-belt kits, with the tagline “Be the Maker”.  The logo came from the experience of unrolling a piece of oak bark tanned leather ready to cut out a pattern – in this case a star, referencing the gold sticky stars you used to get in primary school for doing a good job. Photo courtesy of Leather School.

Aging gracefully

New Lion Brewery have a tradition going.  On their first birthday, they brewed a Russian Imperial Stout, laying down a limited quantity of bottles in their cellars.  These came to light on their second anniversary to be joined by a new batch of birthday-brewed, Belgian-style Quadrupel, which, again, will be aged amid the dust of their cellars to be revealed later this year.  The labels both feature an early etching of Totnes from the local image archive, with silver or gold foil for some extra sparkle.  Contact Mat at the Brewery if you’d like to buy a bottle.

Practicing your art form

Behind the scenes at a wedding in Cardona, near Barcelona, this guy was taking a moment to get his horn ready for some salsa, son cubano.  Imagine a mountain village on a warm, sunny day.  Step inside a cool, ancient apartment building – opened-up, with entire floors missing – peeling wallpaper from every decade, candle-lit dark corners, a ceremony conducted by a fortune-teller, views out to the castle, many small plates of phenomenal food, champagne, more champagne and loads of gorgeous, happy Colombian people.

Toasting the Pandit

Ravi Shankar visited Dartington Hall in 1936.  He said “I felt that I was coming close to music and that this music was what I wanted to devote my life to”.  A limited edition batch of New Lion Brewery’s Pandit IPA was bottled especially for the 2016 Sea Change festival.  No doubt music and beer are good companions.  The brewery hosted 3 sessions with Ultimate Painting, Alasdair Roberts and James Yorkston.

Envisioning a safe and free world

Proud2Be envision a world where all people are safe, free and proud to be themselves.  They support LGBTQIA+ people to lead empowered, fulfilled and authentic lives.  This illustration formed the core graphic in the materials for this year’s Pride event. The main theme is ‘together we are stronger’ and every year Proud2Be aims to convey the message of Pride as both a celebration and a protest, representing their mission of bringing people together.  The goal was to reference the rainbow flag but in a personal way.